Small Bridges and Culverts

Bridges for Foot Traffic or Vehicle Traffic. We can Create, Fix or Replace.

Many homes and farms use small bridges every single day. Whether it’s to get a car across a culvert to the family home, or one that is used for farm traffic only between fields, we can create, fix, or replace one that has seen better days.

Have us come out and assess the situation to see what we need to build.  We’ll have a complete materials list and we use only the best of materials when we build small bridges so that they stand the test of time for our customers and give them decades of solid use. 

We also do all we can to make sure that the bridges we install can handle most anything Mother Nature throws at it, so that you’re not watching your bridge float down the culvert or break apart during the next severe thunderstorm. 

Our bridges are of solid construction and are custom made for each specific application. 

Culverts.  Making Them, Repairing Them.  Redirecting Them.

Stormwater tends to have a mind of its own

We do things the old fashioned way; we dig down to the problem and fix it right the first time.

Waterproofing Outside the House or Building

This is our typical work when we waterproof the outside of a basement to ensure that water no longer enters the property building.

Preparing To Dig:

  1. Install plastic sheeting or plywood on the nearby sidewalks or driveways to protect them.
  2. Remove and replace, or work around any fixtures or equipment near the house.
  3. Remove all the shrubbery near the house in the areas where we dig.

Underground Drain From The House To Lower Ground:

Dig across the yard and extend the drain pipe from the corner of the house across the yard to lower ground. Using a pick and shovel, hand dig around and be mindful of all known utility lines.

Preparing For Drain Pipes:

  • Clean the foundation wall of all dirt and install debris type “S” water resistant mortar over the deteriorated blocks and any holes, cracks or any other imperfections.
  • Install waterproofing tar over the foundation walls that will be underground.
  • Install 6 mill waterproofing membrane over the tar.
  • Install 1 inch of #57 gravel in bottom of the trench.

Laying The Drain Pipe And Covering With Gravel And Dirt:

  • Install 4 inch perforated drain pipe in the ditch to terminate at the rear corner of the house.
  • Install more gravel until the 4 inch drain line is completely covered with several inches of gravel.
  • Install biodegradable paper over the top of gravel.
  • Backfill the trench with dirt.

Check Condition Of The Grounds After The Waterproofing Is Complete:

  • Replace the dirt to the proper height.
  • Bank the dirt at the house with an incline so the surface water will freely flow away from the house.
  • The dirt will be smooth and free of rocks or large clods of dirt.
  • Seed the areas where we dig and install wheat straw over the seeded area.

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