Cracked Foundations

Do You Have Cracks In Your Foundation?

While it’s not uncommon in homes or businesses around Atlanta, it is a sign of bigger problems to come. Call our structural repair specialists today.

Cracks In The Foundation Mean More Problems Are Coming

If you’ve recently noticed cracks in your foundation, you shouldn’t be alarmed, but you should know that it’s time to get help. The structural integrity of your home or business is at risk which can lead to a variety of more expensive issues down the road- like more structural damage, pests, mold and health hazards.

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Causes Of Cracks In The Foundation

Many homes and building around Atlanta are built on good old Georgia red clay. It’s well known that soil with a heavy clay content can move your foundation seasonally by as much as 2 inches. Over time, this type of soil is subject to expansions and contractions due to the often extreme weather. As the soil shifts underneath the building, the structure can shift which can cause cracks in your foundation and other structural issues.

There can be a variety of reasons your foundation cracks. Besides unstable soil, some of these reasons include poor drainage, whether your building has a slab or crawlspace, tree roots, and just routine settling.

When Should I Worry About A Cracked Foundation?

If you ever see a crack in your foundation, don’t panic. Not all cracks are an indication of a problem. A lot depends upon the location and size of the crack as well as the number of cracks you see. While some cracks are normal, others might be an indication of a more important structural issue. The question is always about how the cracks affect the structural integrity of your home or building.

Major cracks in your foundation can lead to problems in your buildings frame, roof, doors & windows, floors and even create basement leaks. Some of the corrective measures to fix these cracks can be expensive while others aren’t lare enough to worry about. That’s why you need structural repair specialists to help you make informed decisions.

Dangers Of Having A Cracked Foundation

The reason you always want to have a structural repair expert come out and take a look at the cracks you see in your foundation is because it can lead to larger and often more expensive issues with your home or building.

Here are the biggest threats cracks in your foundation can lead to:

Structural Damage:  Whether in your home or office, these cracks can indicate a shift in the structure that can be an indication of larger issues. Obviously, your home was well measured during construction and a shift of 2 inches or more can begin to shift or weaken load bearing elements in the building.

There isn’t a single component of your home that these shift won’t affect- from leaks in your basement, sagging floors, problems with your framing, and roof issues, the damage can be severe.

Water Damage:  It just makes sense that if your house shifts, this process can open up places where water can seep, drip or pour in. It’s no secret that water is the most destructive force on earth and lead to severe damage to your home.

Mold Damage:  It just goes without saying that if you have water damage, mold damage is not far behind. Mold begins to grow within 72 hours of a leak and can spread rapidly. This poses a health and breathing hazard for your entire family.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Cracks In My Foundation?

Of course, the cost to repair cracks in your foundation depend largely upon the severity of the damage or threat posed to your home. Based on that, we can only give you a range of how much repairs might cost. The national average to repairs foundation cracks is anywhere from $350 to $1350, but you can expect to pay less the earlier you call for repairs.

Major structural issues can cost more than $10,000 to repair, so you can see why it’s important to call a structural repair company like ours to come out and inspect your situation.

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