Helical Piers

Screwing a Helical Pier into the ground next to the foundation using an excavator to hold and manage the pier while using the hydraulics on the excavator to screw the pier into the ground.

Your Helical Pier Specialists

We are certified installers of “Chance” helical piers, “Chance” is the #1 helical pier recommended by almost all Architects and Engineers.

Before installing helical piers holes must be dug beside and under the existing footing at each pier location to be installed. Helical piers start with a 1½ inch square solid steel shaft. This shaft has 2 helixes welded to the shaft. One of the helix is near the base of the shaft and the other is approximately 4 feet away on the same shaft.

This shaft, which looks like a large screw, is screwed into the ground powered by the hydraulics of a piece of heavy equipment such as an excavator, backhoe, or a large bobcat

When the first section of the shaft is in the ground a second 1½ inch shaft is fitted and bolted onto the first section and it is screwed into the ground. This is repeated until resistance that is greater than the weight of the structure or bedrock is reached.

A steel plate adaptor is placed under the existing footing of the house and on the shaft that was screwed into the ground. Hydraulic jacks are then placed on the adaptor and shaft.

Pressure is then applied to the adaptor plates and the building is then stabilized. If conditions allow the building may be lifted up as much as possible and in some cases back to its original position.

After which the hydraulic jacks are removed and the adaptor that was placed under the footing and onto the 1½ inch steel shaft is bolted to the footing for permanent stabilization. At this point the weight of the house is transferred onto the helical piers.

Dirt is put back in the holes that were dug for the helical piers. The ground is smoothed and prepared for grass or shrubbery. Sometimes it is concrete that needs to be replaced.

Normally the depth of the piers is about 18 to 20 feet deep to reach the desired resistance pressure or to reach bedrock. In determining a price for each helical pier we have figured each pier to be approximately 21 feet deep. If the area here happens to be unusual soil and we have to go deeper to reach the desired resistance pressure we will only charge the actual cost of the material for the additional depth. The additional cost to us, material only, is $125.00 for each 7 foot section of steel. This is the only extra charge to you, and then only if additional depth of piers is greater than 21 feet.

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