Sagging Floors

Got Sagging Floors?

The settling of your home over time can threaten the structural integrity of your home. Call our structural repair specialists today.

Sagging Floors Lead To More Serious Problems In Your Home

Do you have uneven or sagging floors in your home? While some people may think this adds “character” to the home, it’s really a sign of bigger problems.

Many of the homes around Atlanta and the rest of the South are built on a crawlspace or crawlspace foundations. As the home ages and settles, the floors have a tendency to move more toward the middle of the home. This is because the perimeter walls do not settle as much.

There’s no way around it- sagging floors are a sign of a structural problem.

This can significantly affect the value of your home. The good news is that sagging floor joists and other structural issues can be fixed, but it’s important that your structural repair company does more than putting in short-term fixes.

Foundation settling occurs when the soil under the home shifts. The clay soil in Georgia expands and contracts underneath the home which can cause foundations to crack as well as floors to sag. These are structural problems that we’ve spent our entire career repairing.

How To Fix A Sagging Floor

Even though sagging floors in your home are clear to identify, not everyone knows how to fix this structural issue effectively. Here is our process:


The first step in providing any solution is to effectively identify the problem. Most of the time, a sagging floor is caused by the settling and shifting of the home’s foundation. It’s important that we get the proper measurements from the floor to the ceiling and use this data to pinpoint the points of the sag in order to determine the best way to fix it.


This means exactly what you might think. We’ll need to go into the crawlspace and fully examine the extent of the sag and any other damage that might exist in the underflooring. We’ll look for any breaks in the floor joists and other issues that may need to be addressed.

Floors that sag are often caused by poorly supported floors or by joists that are damaged.

Post Supports & Floorings

We may decide to create concrete footing to give your joists more support. Obviously, we’ll need to dig down a couple of feet to insert the footing support pillar. The size of these pillars depends on the building codes and the load they need to support.

Install Sister Joists & Girders

Once the post supports are in place, we’ll install sister joists that support the old beams. We’ll install any girders necessary perpendicular to the sagging beam which will bring the floor up.

Think of sagging floors as a clear sign of bigger and more complex problems with your home.
Not only do they reflect structural integrity issues, but they can pose other threats as well.

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