Leaking Basements

Basement Leaks Are Health Hazards

Besides the nuisance of having a leak in your home, you may be facing potential structural damage and property damage with even a little water in your basement. There’s a simple fact about leaks in your basement as well. Where’s there’s water, there will be mold not far behind.

Mold begins to grow in as little as 72 hours after a water leak, and as the mold grows the potential health hazards grow along with it. Mold can cause respiratory problems, trigger asthma attacks, and more.

Got A Leaky Basement?

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Why Is My Basement Leaking?

There are a number of reasons your basement may start leaking, but far and away, the most common cause of a leaky basement is the pressure created by water in the soil surrounding the foundation. This pressure can build up and:

Create hypostatic pressure– as the soil becomes saturated, water pressure can build and push moisture through the walls in your basement.

Create lateral pressure- as the saturated soil expands, it can open up sideways pressure on your foundation and basement walls. This can create leaks as well.

Water can get in through cracks that form in the walls or floor or at joints in the mortar. There are times when the walls of the basement begin to curve from the pressure that can create structural damage to the building. Over time, as these openings become bigger, more water can seep in causing more damage or risk of mold.

How We Repair A Leaky Basement

It only makes sense that the first step to repairing a leaky basement is for us to do a complete assessment of your home or building in order to determine the causes and potential risks. We will inspect both the inside and outside in order to make an accurate assessment of the soil composition and issues that presently exist.

Once we have an accurate picture of the problem, we’ll develop a plan to address the situation. We will thoroughly review our findings and discuss the associated costs from there.

From Leaky Basement Repair To Structural Repairs

The experienced professionals at Engineered Floors & Foundations are here to help you address issues in your home or workplace. We handle both residential and commercial structural issues. Call us for a free estimate on repairs today.

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