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Sinkholes can appear anywhere on the property for a number of reasons, the most common in this area is buried trash, followed by a tree trunk that has rotted,  a broken water line or leaking storm drain, an old well that has been filled in, then not as common but still a factor is deteriorating limestone rock.

The first thing that must be determined is the cause of the sinkhole.

If it is caused by trash or rubble it should be cleaned out and made the size of the original hole.

If a rotting tree trunk and root ball is deteriorating it must be removed. If a water main or storm drain is broken the repairs to these must be properly made. And if groundwater is washing out or deteriorating soft rock this must be addressed.

After cleaning out the hole we install “Helical Piers”, normally the depth of the piers is about 18 to 20 feet deep to reach the desired resistance pressure or to reach bedrock. In determining a price for each helical pier we have figured each pier to be approximately 21 feet deep. If the area here happens to be unusual soil and we have to go deeper to reach the desired resistance, we will only charge the actual cost of the material for the additional depth. The additional cost to us, material only, is $115.00 for each 7 foot section of steel. This is the only extra charge to you, and then only if additional depth of piers is greater than 21 feet.

After the cleanout is done and piers are installed with large plates fitted over the top. The repair of any hole is pretty much the same, start by placing large rocks at the bottom of the hole, followed by smaller rocks over the large ones, and place a layer of gravel over that, then add a barrier called geotextile fabric or any barrier such as builders paper or plastic to keep dirt from settling down into the gravel and creating another hole. Install a little sand over the barrier and add dirt on top of that. Then finish off with whatever is desired to complete the looks and serviceability of the job, such as grass, sod, concrete, blacktop, or whatever is needed for a finished product.

Back yard sinkholes are actually very common, particularly with homes that were built in the 80’s and 90’s.  What at the time was quite common was that the builder would dig a hole for refuse, and sometimes these holes could be quite large, and they would bury trash, and put other things like tree limbs in the hole.  Then when they were done collecting debris they would fill the hole in with fill dirt lying around, cover it over with concrete or grass, and call it good.  What happens over time is that this debris decomposes, and causes pockets to be formed in the dirt as this debris decomposes, and homeowners wake up to a giant hole in their patio, driveway, front yard, or back yard.  The picture at the right is an actual client who woke up to their driveway and walkway collapsed.

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