Soldier Beams

Pressure from the outside fill dirt around the house will hold more water than undisturbed soil and sometimes will cause it to become heavy enough and soft enough to bow the walls inward.

What Are Soldier Beams?

Soldier beams are used to fix a foundation wall that is collapsing in on itself from the exterior pressure the dirt outside the home places on the walls, causing them to begin to cave in on itself, giving a bowed look to the walls (see side image).

Soldier beams are two pieces of C-Chanel steel with a pressure treated 2×6 bolted between them.  Then we place a welded plate at the bottom.

The pressure treated 2×6 fits under the joist system above, and the C-Channel extends up 6 additional inches up around the floor joist. Beams are bolted to existing concrete floor at the base. Beams are bolted to the wood framing at top of wall. Any void space between wall and beam is filled using non-shrink grout.

Advantages of Soldier Beams

  • Custom built for the home.
  • Stops all movement from lateral soil pressure.
  • Life of structure warranty.
  • Installation with minimal disruptions.
  • Keeps basement walls from collapsing in on themselves due to pressue put on outside wall of building.

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